Hello. I'm Will Nielsen.

This is my profes­sional site for the purpose of main­tain­ing a public rec­ord of my ex­per­ience, edu­ca­tion, in­dus­try cert­ifica­tions, per­son­al inter­ests and con­tact infor­mation. I've been a de­velop­ing web ap­plica­tions since 2001 for busi­nesses that oper­ate all over the world. Please have a look a­round.

12+ Years Experience

I have exper­ience in a var­iety of dif­ferent indus­tries, rang­ing from credit card process­ing, busi­ness to busi­ness sales, law, inter­nation­al manu­fact­ur­ing, and non-pro­fit organ­iza­tions. My ap­proach is to creative­ly apply cur­rent tech­nolo­gies with the tried and true best prac­tices of the in­dustry—a combina­tion that weds secur­ity and per­form­ance to usabil­ity and de­sign.


One of the goals of a fresh self-deter­mined chap­ter of my life is to obtain cert­ifica­tions for the skills that I've de­velop­ed dur­ing my ten­ure as a web ap­plica­tion de­velop­er and IT pro­fes­sion­al. By the end of 2015 I have pur­pos­ed to ob­tain at least twelve indus­try cert­ifica­tions. My Cert­ifica­tions page will cata­log that prog­ress through 2015 and be­yond.


Maybe, you'll like what you see here. That's my hope. If you do, please con­sider con­necting with me. I do my best to stay ubi­qui­tous on the Inter­net. You can also find my email and work phone num­ber on my Con­nect page.