Code Samples

Financial Calculators
A Simple Financial Calculators app made with AngularJS and Bootstrap Front-End Framework. Read More

In this example, the code is excuted from the commandline: php main.php data.csv 66 The application loads the CSV file into an array, manipulates the data and displays information about it. Read More

Multiplication Table
This Java class creates a simple, text-based, multiplication table based on user's input. Read More

Write Path
A utility that I use for XSLT debugging, which will show the present XPath location in an XML document. Read More

XSLT Hash Generator
A utility that creates an alphanumeric hash of a specified length, the first character of which is always a letter. Read More

You like Frameworks? We got them.
While competency in the foundational technology (e.g., javascript, css, html) is always required, frameworks can and do speed up development and increase the quality of the final product. I've worked in several front-end frame works: Bootstrap Foundation by Zurb Blueprint 960 Grid System The present ...Read More