There are several ways to reach me:

Nielsen Digital

I am the owner and Senior Web De­velop­er of Niel­sen Dig­ital—a full service web app­lica­tion and web­site host­ing com­pany that has been bring­ing busi­ness to bear upon the Inter­net since 2001. Niel­sen Dig­ital serves cli­ents in more than five states in three Uni­ted States Time­zones.



I intereact regularly with professionals in a variety of fields via LinkedIn

Symphony CMS

I am an active mem­ber and devel­oper of the Sym­phony CMS open­Source XSLT/XML based Con­tent Man­ager. Sym­phony is used by the Brit­ish Broad­cast­ing Cor­por­ation (BBC), Music Tel­evis­ion (MTV), Vir­gin Media, and Hein­eken to name a few. You can find me in their excel­lent discus­sion for­um.

I am also part of the worldwide Symphony CMS developers consortium (see also, Symphony Ninjas).