Web Appli­cation Pro­gram­ming

I thrive when I have a sense of ac­comp­lish­ment. Program­ming is creation, col­labor­a­tion, intu­i­tion, trans­lation and at the end of it there is some­thing where before there was no­thing.

In the hope of pur­suing more chal­leng­ing pro­jects on a much larg­er scale, I am enrol­led in my sec­ond Bach­elor's Deg­ree at West­ern Gov­er­nors Uni­ver­sity in Software Development.

Stream­lining Pro­ces­ses

As much as I like build­ing, I also find re­model­ing quite sat­is­fy­ing. Often, when I am hired to con­sult with a com­pany, there are many dis­par­ate pro­cess­es that have grown up over many years and various seas­ons of the or­gan­iza­tions growth. This cre­ates data silos and pro­blems with can­on­icity. Solv­ing prob­lems in ways that make em­ploy­ees more pro­duc­tive or de­velop­ing pro­cess­es that are more ef­fi­cient and glo­bal­ly in­forma­tive is some­thing that I am inter­est­ed in pur­su­ing fur­ther in di­verse org­ani­za­tions.

Reading and Writing

"I think lit­era­ture is best when it's voic­ing what we would pre­fer not to talk a­bout," novel­ist Rick Moody said. There is some­thing pro­found in both read­ing and writ­ing lit­er­a­ture that cre­ates em­pathy and chal­lenges us all at once.

I have writ­ten an un­pub­lished nov­el, The Mag­ical Gar­den, as well as more po­etry than I have re­cord of. I write be­cause it's in me; I read lit­er­a­ture to know that I am not alone.

Af­rican-Amer­ican Cul­ture

My inter­est in Af­ri­can Amer­ican Cul­ture is pri­mar­ily about people and under­stand­ing my­self bet­ter as a hu­man being who lives in a swirl of his­tor­i­ography and com­pet­ing nar­ra­tives that we know as Amer­ica. I grow in this pur­suit by mak­ing friends and read­ing bio­graphy and lit­er­a­ture from Fred­erick Doug­lass to Mal­colm X and W. E. B. DuBois to Rich­ard Wright.


Photo­graphy is a habit of stop­ping and in­sist­ing that you might find beauty if you look for it. Many of the images used on this site were taken by me on my Ni­kon SLR.


I've been a Texas Ran­gers fan my whole life and I love watching great MLB teams play each other. One thing I can't stand is when two teams play each other and key play­ers are hurt.


2013 Player Statistics
Adrian Beltre HR 30
Ian Kinsler A 371
Yu Darvish SO 277
Elvis Andrus SB 42
Statistics from the Texas Rangers Website.